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img oakwood cemeteryOakwood Cemetery has been the main cemetery for the village and city of Niagara Falls since it was established in 1852 on land donated by Lavinia Porter, daughter of Niagara Falls founder Augustus Porter. Oakwood includes graves from many families, both African American and European American, related to the story of slavery, freedom, and African American life in Niagara Falls. These include European Americans such as the Porter, Whitney, Childs, and Townsend families and African Americans such as the Pattersons, Jacksons, Hamiltons, and Lees. Edward and Mary Sarsnett are also buried in Oakwood. Edward Sarsnett was a grandson of John Sarsnett, brought in slavery from Maryland to Lyons, New York, in 1797. Edward was a Civil War veteran, and his wife Mary was active in the Grand Army of the Republic.

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