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img maid of mistFrom 1846, when the Maid of the Mist began service, until after Captain Joel Robinson took her through the Whirlpool to be sold in 1861, she docked in Bellevue, just above the Suspension Bridge. In August 1853, U.S. marshals pursued Cataract Hotel waiter Patrick Sneed, accusing him not of escaping from slavery but of murder. Ferry boat rowers took Sneed almost to the Canada ferry landing before learning of his murder charge. At that point, they changed course and rowed Sneed to the Maid of the Mist landing near the Suspension Bridge. Aided by Irish workers, marshals captured Sneed at the landing and took him by rail and carriage to jail in Buffalo. His subsequent trial revealed the murder charge to be fraudulent and resulted in Sneed’s release.

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